Casamigos to Launch “Casamigas” with Cindy Crawford

By: Michael Prentice

Casamigos may be about to launch a jalapeño flavored tequila in partnership with Cindy Crawford, wife of Casamigos co-founder Rande Gerber based on regulatory filings uncovered by The tequila is expected to be based on the brand’s 100% agave blanco at 40% ABV and flavored with jalapeño, likely a favorite combination of supermodel Crawford.

The jalapeño flavored tequila was first approved for marketing in the US in late 2022 but was later withdrawn, perhaps to focus on Casamigos’ launch of its Cristalino in 2023. The new tequila is expected to be playfully branded “Casamigas” and feature a lipstick kiss mark on the label. Sharp eyed viewers will also detect an imprint of Crawford’s famous beauty spot.

Casamigos Casamigas Jalapeño tequila with Cindy Crawford
Casamigos Jalapeño Tequila with Cindy Crawford label design

Crawford is known to like spice, having previously created a signature “Casa Burger” for charity, with jalapeño patties.

Cindy Crawford has appeared previously in marketing for Casamigos, in their first advertisement which was apparently based on a true story. After a big night of tequila drinking, Cindy went to find her husband Gerber. Seeing someone asleep in the guest bedroom she assumed it was him, so she hopped into bed.

Some time later Clooney woke up to find himself sleeping next to the supermodel. “Drink Casamigos and wake up next to Cindy Crawford” the joke went. Alternatively “Drink Casamigos and wake up next to George Clooney.” Whichever floats your boat.

Drink Casamigos and wake up next to Cindy Crawford – it could happen…

Crawford also featured in a music video remix of a raunchy viral TikTok song, One Margarita in 2023. In it she reprises her iconic Pepsi commercial from 1992, but drinking a margarita with Casamigos reposado instead.

Casamigos was founded by George Clooney and Rande Gerber, along with Mike Meldman. It was later sold to Diageo in a deal valued at $1 billion. The brand’s label features the founding trio’s initials, GC, RG and MM. In the jalapeño version, CC is also added for Cindy Crawford.

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