Cheap Additive Free Tequila Brands

By: Michael Prentice

A growing number of people are choosing additive free tequila. This article picks the cheapest additive free tequilas available to help in the exploration. Here we look at affordable additive free blancos, reposados and añejos. 

The additive free tequila movement has been growing, led by tequila review app Tequila Matchmaker. Many people are now drinking only additive free tequila. Whether this is to get closer to the actual taste of agave, to avoid a worse hangover, or just to feel superior. (wink)

If you are just starting to explore additive free tequila, you may not want to commit big dollars initially. Or you may be looking for mixers and want to try cheap additive free tequila to go in your margarita.

The cheapest additive free tequila is Campo Bravo at around $22 per bottle – but there’s much better tequila you can get for just a little more.

Read more about additives in tequila in this in-depth guide.

Full list of additive free tequila brands.

Additive Free Tequila Under $30 Per Bottle

Choosing additive free tequila doesn’t need to be expensive. However, it may mean compromising on tequilas made using more efficient methods. Most of the cheap additive free tequilas are made using autoclaves at high pressure. This process is more efficient but can result in a more neutral tasting tequila with less pronounced agave qualities.

The most affordable additive free tequila brand is Campo Bravo, with blanco and reposado tequilas costing just $22 per bottle on average. The next cheapest additive free tequila brands are, Arette and Cimarron with bottles staring at $24. 

3 Amigos Tequila

Price for Blanco: $27

Price for Reposado: $29

NOM: 1570

Cooking: High pressure autoclave

100% Agave

3 Amigos is the house tequila brand at Total Wine. They also make a range of flavored tequilas which are not considered additive free.


Price for Blanco: $24

Price for Reposado: $29

NOM: 1109

Cooking: High pressure autoclave

100% Agave

Arette is a high quality brand with offerings starting at a low price. Their entry level offerings are the ones in a square bottle. If you like these, they also make an Artesanal line, made using traditional brick ovens. These are double the cost of the cheaper versions. One of my favorite tequilas is the Arette Artesanal Fuerte Blanco, at 50.5% ABV.

Bottle of Arette Fuerte Additive free tequila
One of my favorite tequilas, Arette Fuerte Artesanal

Campo Bravo

Price for Blanco: $22

Price for Reposado: $22

NOM: 1566

Cooking: Diffuser and autoclave

100% Agave

Campo Bravo is one of the few tequilas to come from outside of Jalisco. This is made in Michoacan, one of the four other states apart from Jalisco that can produce tequila. It’s made using a diffuser, an industrialized process that extracts the maximum possible sugars from agave, but at the cost of flavors. Very cheap but more advisable as a mixer.


Price for Blanco: $24

Price for Reposado: $28

NOM: 1146

Cooking: Low pressure autoclave

100% Agave

Cimarron is a favorite of additive free tequila lovers. However it can be a bit polarizing. It is made in the lowlands of Jalisco and tastes a bit too funky for some. It is made using an autoclave but at low pressure, meaning more of the agave flavors stick around.

It is at the same distillery as Tears of Llorona and Fuenteseca, two very high priced and well respected tequila brands. 

Dulce Vida

Price for Blanco: $29

Price for Reposado: $37

NOM: 1443/1566

Cooking: High pressure autoclave

100% Agave

Dulce Vida makes decent tasting, affordable tequilas. The base range is 40% ABV (80 proof) and they also have a high proof line, 100 proof. Even at 80 proof, you may notice a bit of alcoholic burn, so avoid this brand if that’s something you don’t like.

El Tequileño

Price for Blanco: $25

Price for Reposado: $28

NOM: 1108

Cooking: High pressure autoclave

Mixto tequila (70% agave, 30% from cane sugar)

El Tequileño is a cult brand in the tequila world. The brand makes good quality tequilas in a transparent way. They are famous for being the original tequila in the Batanga, tequila and coke. Their more affordable range are best rated mixto tequilas. While most mixtos use 49% of non-agave sugars, El Tequileño uses just 30%.

The cheaper mixto range comes in a screw cap, while the 100% agave line comes with a cork.

Bottles of El Tequileño additive free tequila
El Tequileño makes good value additive free tequila, here is the 100% agave versions.

Tequila 30-30

Price for Blanco: $28

Price for Reposado: $33

NOM: 1068

Cooking: High pressure autoclave

100% Agave

Tequila 30-30 makes good quality tequila at a decent price. Good for mixing and passable as a sipper. In Mexico it is one of the cheapest 100% agave tequilas available, albeit at 35% ABV.

Tres Agaves

Price for Blanco: $32

Price for Reposado: $37

NOM: 1614

Cooking: High pressure autoclave

100% Agave

I might be cheating a bit here based on the average price for Tres Agaves tequila, but you can definitely find it under $30 if you keep your eyes open. Tres Agaves has developed a cult following among bar and restaurant staff as a high quality, affordable additive free tequila. It’s also made from organic agaves.

Best Value Additive Free Tequila

My choice for the best value additive free tequila is Tapatio. It is made using traditional methods for extra agave flavor. It also comes in 1 liter bottles which can be good value.


Price for Blanco: $39 (can sometimes be found for around $30)

Price for Reposado: $47 (can sometimes be found for around $40)

NOM: 1139

Cooking: brick oven

100% agave

Tapatio is one of the best value additive free tequilas there is. The distillery has a long history of making tequila using traditional methods. They cook agave in brick ovens, rather than using autoclaves. This takes more time but carries richer agave flavors through to the tequila. They also use a tahona for part of the extraction process (two tonne stone used to grind the cooked agave).

The branding looks a little old fashioned but this is part of the charm. Tapatio is one of my favorite tequilas at any price point.

Bottle of Tapatio additive free tequila
The best value additive free tequila is Tapatio

Best Rated Cheap Additive Free Tequila Brands

The top rated brands of additive free tequila from those mentioned above are set out below. I’ve used the ratings on Tequila Matchmaker.

Best Cheap Additive Free Blancos

  1. Tapatio, $39
  2. Cimarron, $24
  3. El Tequileño, $25
  4. Arette, $24
  5. Tres Agaves, $32

Best Cheap Additive Free Reposados

  1. Cimarron, $28
  2. El Tequileño, $28
  3. Arette, $29
  4. Dulce Vida, $37
  5. Tres Agaves, $37

The Tapatio Reposado is rated higher than those listed here but I thought it was unfair to include it due to its higher price point.

Best Cheap Additive Free Añejos

Finding affordable añejos is much more difficult given the extra work involved and pricing tactics. Here’s a list of the best additive free añejos under $50, ranked in order.

  1. Tequila 30-30, $37
  2. Tres Agaves, $45
  3. Dulce Vida, $40
  4. 3 Amigos, $33

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