Tequila on Queen of the South

By: Michael Prentice

Tequila plays a big role on the TV show Queen of the South. Characters celebrate with a shot of Dos Chaidez tequila, commiserate and just pass the time by drinking a glass. And of course, Tequila bottles are used to smuggle liquid cocaine which spurs the main character’s rise through the cartel.

While a range of tequilas are featured, two stand out. Siete Gotas is most prominent and is the brand of tequila owned by main character Teresa Mendoza which she also uses for smuggling. The second is Dos Chaidez tequila, the favorite of character Epifaño.

In season 5, episode 9, Teresa uses a poisoned glass and shot of Siete Gotas to kill rival Kostya. This echoes another famous tequila poisoning scene from Breaking Bad, where a poisoned bottle of Zafiro Añejo is used to kill cartel members.

Dos Chaidez Tequila

Dos Chaidez Tequila and two glasses from Queen of the South

What is Dos Chaidez Tequila in Queen of the South?

Dos Chaidez is a fictional brand of tequila featured in the TV show Queen of the South.

In Season 2 Episode 7, Epifaño wakes from a nightmare and pours himself some Dos Chaidez tequila. Later in the episode Camila pours herself and Teresa glasses of Dos Chaidez. Teresa says it’s probably the best thing she’s ever tasted in her life. Camila says, at $2000 a bottle, it should be.

“You think it’s a better drink, but then you realize it’s a better life”

Camila Vargas

Dos Chaidez tequila price

A bottle of Dos Chaidez costs $2000 in the TV show Queen of the South. The tequila itself is fictional, but there are many examples of tequila at $2000 or more in real life, such as Clase Azul Ultra, Codigo 1530 Extra Añejos and Jose Cuervo 250th Aniversario Extra Añejo.

What kind of tequila is Dos Chaidez?

On the bottle it doesn’t clarify exactly what kind of tequila Dos Chaidez is, except to say 100% agave and Grand Reserve. Grand Reserve doesn’t have any technical significance, but is associated with the top range for tequila brands. Based on the price and color, Dos Chaidez is likely to be an Extra Añejo, meaning it has been aged in oak barrels for at least three years.

Can you buy Dos Chaidez tequila?

No, you cannot buy Dos Chaidez Tequila as it was a fictional tequila invented for the TV show Queen of the South. However, the bottle used in the TV is based on Señor Rio Añejo, which you can buy for around $75.

Scene from Queen of South with Dos Chaidez bottle in background
Scene from Season 3, Episode 4 with Dos Chaidez in the background. The bottle is based on Señor Rio Añejo.

What does Dos Chaidez mean?

Dos Chaidez means “two Chaidez”. Chaidez is a popular Mexican family name. Dos Chaidez is the name of a tequila brand featured on the TV show Queen of the South. Although fictional, the name could refer to two relatives behind the brand.

Siete Gotas Entrance

Siete Gotas Tequila

Siete Gotas Bottle

What is Siete Gotas on Queen of the South?

Siete Gotas is the name of the tequila bar owned by lead character Teresa Mendoza on Queen of the South. Siete Gotas is also the name of the tequila brand owned by Teresa. The bar and brand are named after the neighborhood where she grew up in Culiacán, in the Mexican State of Sinaloa. Siete Gotas the bar and tequila brand are both fictional but 7 Gotas the neighborhood exists.

Siete Gotas Tequila price

The price of Siete Gotas tequila is never mentioned in the show, Queen of the South. Based on the context it appears to be a mid-range blanco tequila, which generally retail for around $30-$40 per bottle.

However, in the show bottles of Siete Leguas are also used for smuggling liquid cocaine. Expect to pay somewhat more for these “special edition” bottles!

Can you buy Siete Gotas Tequila?

No, you cannot buy Siete Gotas Tequila as it was a fictional tequila invented for the TV show Queen of the South.

What does Siete Gotas mean?

Siete Gotas is Spanish and means “seven drops” in English. Siete Gotas is the name of the distillery, bar and tequila brand owned by Teresa Mendoza in the TV show Queen of the South. It is named after the neighborhood where Teresa grew up, 7 Gotas in the city of Culiacán in Sinaloa, Mexico.

Real tequilas and Queen of the South

Señor Rio Tequila

Señor Rio bottle

In Season 3, episode 4 a bottle of Señor Rio is seen in the background. Dos Chaidez is a relabelled bottle of Señor Rio Añejo. Señor Rio is a tequila brand owned by Debbie Medina Gach and is made at La Cofradia distillery in Tequila, Jalisco.

The brand was founded by Debbie and her late husband Jonathon Medina Gach and first released on Cinco de Mayo 2009. The company is based in Gilbert, Arizona. It is named in honor of Debbie’s father and the logo is a stylized photo of him.

A bottle of Señor Rio costs between $55-$75, or $300 for the Extra Añejo.

La Cofradia distillery makes NOM 1137 and also produces about 72 different brands of tequila including Casa Noble (Constellation Brands owned, formerly part-owned by Carlos Santana), Tequila Mi Campo (Constellation Brands), Cazul 100 and Bandistas.

Honor Del Castillo

This tequila comes with a bit of a story. The Mexican produced version of Queen of the South is called Reina del Sur and stars Kate del Castillo in the lead role of Teresa.

In January 2016 it was reported that del Castillo was under investigation by Mexican authorities for links to real life drug lord “El Chapo”, Joaquin Guzman. It was alleged that El Chapo had provided funding for her tequila brand Honor Del Castillo, which she founded in 2014.

In October 2015 del Castillo brokered a meeting with herself, Sean Penn and El Chapo at a secret mountain hideout in Mexico. She apparently brought along some of her Honor Del Castillo Tequila.

The investigations were closed in February 2017, with no prosecution.

Honor Del Castillo tequila costs between $50-$60. 

Bottle of Honor Del Castillo Tequila by Kate del Castillo

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