Kevin Hart’s Tequila: Gran Coramino

By: Michael Prentice

Kevin Hart’s tequila is called Gran Coramino Tequila. The tequila brand was founded in May 2022 by comedian Kevin Hart and Becle. Becle is the company behind Jose Cuervo. Gran Coramino was developed together with Juan Domingo Beckmann, 11th generation descendent of Jose Cuervo himself. The pair worked with marketing partner Global Brand Equities to launch the product.

Gran Coramino launched with just one product, a cristalino reposado (priced around $50). On September, 14 2022 Gran Coramino released an añejo (priced around $100). Kevin Hart’s Gran Coramino is one of about 50 different celebrity tequilas on the market.

Hard work tastes different.

Gran Coramino tagline

Gran Coramino Brand

Who Owns Gran Coramino Tequila?

Gran Coramino is owned by Kevin Hart, Becle and Global Brand Equities. Becle owns 33.3% as disclosed in its financial accounts. Full ownership proportions are not disclosed but it is reasonable to assume each party owns one third.

Kevin Hart’s Role At Gran Coramino

Kevin Hart is the co-founder, part owner and face of the tequila brand Gran Coramino. He is said to have had an active role in the development of the tequila itself as well as the packaging and brand strategy.

Gran Coramino Tequila Sales

Gran Coramino tequila sold 50 thousand 9 liter cases in 2022 despite just launching that year. Sales in 2023 will far exceed this level following a full year and increased promotional activity.

What Kinds of Tequila does Gran Coramino Make?

Tequilas produced by Gran Coramino are all 100% blue agave and made using traditional stone ovens. They are double distilled in copper pot stills.

Gran Coramino Cristalino Reposado

  • ABV: 40% (80 proof)
  • Price: $50
  • Agave: 100% Blue Agave
  • Aging: “several” months in Eastern European oak barrels and finished in ex-Cabernet Sauvignon casks from Napa
  • Notes: A sweet, vanilla bomb. Comparable to Don Julio 1942. If you like that you’ll like this. If you like to taste more agave with your tequila then best to keep moving. Flavors include strong vanilla, as well as cooked agave and cream soda.

Gran Coramino Añejo

  • ABV: 40% (80 proof)
  • Price: $65
  • Agave: 100% Blue Agave
  • Aging: “Over one year” in American oak and French oak barrels. Blended with añejo aged in ex-cognac casks.
  • Notes: Rich, full tasting with oak, coffee and chocolate notes. Sweet finish. Añejos like this stray into bourbon and aged rum territory, with just a little agave to distinguish them.

What is Cristalino Tequila?

Cristalino tequila is aged tequila (in this case a reposado), that has been filtered through activated charcoal to remove most of the color and some flavors. It is a hugely popular category in Mexico and is becoming more known in the US.

Promotors claim that the taste combines the oaky-smoothness of an aged tequila, with the brighter notes of an unaged blanco. There’s already a category of tequila that is literally blanco combined with reposado or añejo (called “gold” or “joven”) but that’s not as trendy.

Learn more about the process and history behind cristalino tequila.

Gran Coramino Calories

Each expression of Gran Coramino Tequila contains 98 calories in a 1.5 oz shot.

Does Gran Coramino Tequila Have Additives?

Yes, Gran Coramino certainly has additives. The cristalino in particular has strong vanilla flavors that are just not possible from a short time aging, especially when filtered afterwards.

Under Mexican rules, brands can claim to be 100% agave tequila but still have up to 1% additives that they don’t have to disclose. These can be oak extract, glycerin, caramel color and/or sweetener.

How Should You Drink Gran Coramino?

Gran Coramino is a sipping tequila which can be served straight or over ice. Adding ice will help reduce the sweetness that some may not enjoy if drunk at room temperature. The cristalino reposado can be mixed into cocktails. The añejo should also be drunk straight or over ice, and possibly in spirit-forward cocktails like an Old Fashioned.

Gran Coramino Tequila Bottles

The bottles for Gran Coramino are distinctive. They are tall with a square base with the bottle top offset by 90 degrees to give a twisted effect. The cristalino comes in a clear bottle and the Añejo bottle is black and taller than the cristalino.

Production of Gran Coramino Tequila

Distillery for Gran Coramino Tequila

Gran Coramino tequila is produced at La Rojeña Distillery, in the town of Tequila, Jalisco, Mexico, NOM 1122.

Who makes Gran Coramino Tequila?

Gran Coramino tequila is made by Becle, the company behind Proximo Spirits and Jose Cuervo at La Rojeña Distillery in the town of Tequila, Jalisco, Mexico. Becle is 87% owned by the Beckmann family, decedents of the original “Jose Cuervo”, the first to be granted a license to make tequila over 250 years ago. Becle is led by CEO Juan Domingo Beckmann who was involved in the development of Gran Coramino, as well as the first cristalino tequila, Maestro Dobel.

Other Brands Produced at the Distillery

A total of 38 brands are produced at the La Rojeña Distillery including the world’s highest selling tequila, Jose Cuervo. Other brands include 1800, Maestro Dobel, Gran Centenario, and JAJA (another celebrity tequila promoted by The Chainsmokers and Instagram personality Elliot Tebele).

Promotional Activity for Kevin Hart’s Tequila

Video Campaign: Club Coramino, Inspired by Goodfellas Scene

The ad for “Club Coramino” takes off my favorite scene in one of my favorite movies. Scorsese’s single shot take in Goodfellas when Ray Liota’s character escorts his girlfriend to through the kitchen to the busy Copacabana Club, all the while tipping workers and getting special treatment from staff and patrons alike.

In this remake, Kevin Hart escorts his wife Eniko Hart through the backdoor to Club Coramino. The ad also stars Goodfellas cast member Michael Imperioli. The ad was produced through another of Kevin Hart’s businesses, entertainment company Hartbeat.

Check out the clip below. Not up to the original in my opinion, but not terrible either.

Sponsorship of the Philadelphia Eagles

Gran Coramino announced that it was to be the “Official Luxury Tequila” of the NFL team the Philadelphia Eagles in September 2023. Kevin Hart is from Philadelphia and is a big Eagles fan.

Charitable Giving

One dollar from every bottle of Gran Coramino is used to help fund black and “latinx” owned businesses in Mexico and the US.

Gran Coramino Tequila Owners

Kevin Hart

Kevin Hart was born July 6, 1979 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA. He is widely known as one of the biggest stand-up comedians, performing in stadiums and earning tens of millions of dollars each tour. He has multiple Grammy nominations and award wins for the People’s Choice Awards, MTV Movie Awards and Teen Choice Awards.

Kevin Hart has starred in dozens of movies, including the Jumanji and The Secret Life of Pets franchises.

Hart has starred in movies with a few other celebrity tequila and agave spirit promoters:

  • Kevin Hart has starred with Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson in DC League of Super-Pets, Central Intelligence and Jumanji. Dwayne Johnson founded the very successful Teremana Tequila
  • Hart and Bryan Cranston starred in 2019 film The Upside. Cranston founded Dos Hombres Mezcal together with Breaking Bad co-star Aaron Paul.
  • He has also stared with Mark Wahlberg in the 2022 movie Me Time. Wahlberg is behind Flecha Azul Tequila.

Kevin Hart’s Business Interests include:

  • Hartbeat Productions – media production company, valued at $650m in May 2022. Hart owns 85%.
  • Laugh Out Loud Network – a video streaming company which launched in 2017.
  • VitaHustle – vitamins and protein company.
  • Hart House – vegan restaurant which launched in LA in August 2022
  • Interview podcast Gold Minds
  • Many promotional roles including:
    • Draft Kings
    • Old Spice
    • H&M
    • Foot Locker
    • Nike
    • Mountain Dew

Becle (company behind Proximo Spirts and Jose Cuervo)

Becle is the world’s largest tequila producer and is 87% owned by the family decedents of the first person to hold a royal license to produce tequila. Becle is responsible for brands including Jose Cuervo, 1800, Gran Centenario and Maestro Dobel.

Global Brand Equities

Global Brand Equities (GBE) is led by President and CEO James Morrissey. GBE is behind several celebrity alcohol products, including:

  • Maison No. 9 rose, in partnership with musician Post Malone
  • Mercer + Prince Canadian whiskey, in partnership with musician A$AP Rocky
  • Sunny Vodka, in partnership with YouTuber Stassie Karanikolaou (Stassie is also known for being “Kylie Jenner’s best friend”. Kylie’s sister Kendall founded her own tequila brand 818.)  

Further Questions About Gran Coramino

What Gran Coramino tequila is the best?

Gran Coramino añejo is the highest rated in the lineup.

What type of tequila is Gran Coramino?

Gran Coramino tequila is made from 100% agave. The tequila is made using mostly traditional production methods. Gran Coramino makes a cristalino reposado and añejo tequila.

Does Gran Coramino tequila go off?

An unopened bottle of Gran Coramino tequila will never go off, provided it is stored away from direct sunlight and high temperatures. Once opened Gran Coramino should be drunk within a couple of years.

Is Gran Coramino tequila gluten free?

Yes, Gran Coramino tequila is gluten free. Like all tequilas (including mixtos) Gran Coramino contains no gluten.

Is Gran Coramino real tequila?

Yes, Gran Coramino is real tequila made from 100% agave. Gran Coramino is made with mostly traditional methods but contains additives so many would not call it a “true tequila”.

Is Gran Coramino tequila Kosher?

Yes, Gran Coramino is acceptable as Kosher, as a 100% agave tequila.

What is Gran Coramino tequila ABV?

Gran Coramino tequila is 40% ABV (80 proof). Almost all tequila sold in the US is 40% ABV.

How much is a shot of Gran Coramino?

A shot of Gran Coramino in a bar costs around $20-$24 in the US in 2024. There is a wide range with some bars charging as low as $12 and others as high as $35.

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